Fan Scarves

Scarfs are manufactured only by order and according to your ideas on knitting machines. Your drawings and sketches are sent on our e-mail in any form (Corel, JPG…). That is basic creation. It is adapted in machine program in order to made eventual correction. Sketches of scarfs corrected like that are send by e-mail to the customer so that he can look over final version and only after coordination like that program is to be sent in production.

Scarfs are made on computer machine with extreme delicacy. We are making scarfs with slogans (so called written scarfs) and brindled scarfs up to four colors by one program.

As we are not making needlework, the most interested scarf’s we are making are brindle d scarf’s with knitted blazon, logotype or slogans at the ends same as in the middle of brindled scarf.

We have wide range of fonts with cyrilic and roman alphabet. Scarf fringes can be made with machine or by hand which is in now days very interested.